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A Linux operating system that will take you from zero to Google Chrome in seconds

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Tazchrome is a completely free and open source distribution of Linux based on the SliTaz GNU/Linux operating system and built around the lightweight Google Chrome web browser. It uses a an LTS (Long Term Support) Linux kernel from the 2.6 branch.

Available for download as a dual-arch Live CD

While this custom SliTaz OS can be downloaded as a dual-arch Live CD ISO image, it weights only 100MB in size, which means that the user can deploy it on a USB key or a mini CD disc in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer.

Boot options

At the boot prompt, the user can start the live environment with default boot options, drop to a boot prompt to enter extra boot parameters, reboot the machine, check the media for defects (only if using a CD disc), as well as to access the help screen or change the default language.

The only Linux distribution built around Google Chrome

Be aware that when booting from the Live CD/USB, you will be asked to configure your sound card before you can enter the graphical environment, which is actually powered by the Google Chrome web browser.

Besides Google Chrome, the live environment comes with the PCManFM file manager and the XTerm terminal emulator. A volume control and a logout/reboot/shutdown button are provided on the a tiny panel masked by the Google Chrome titlebar.

On the Google Chrome’s bookmark bar, you can find links to the TazPanel, which will allow you to configure a Wi-Fi connection, view running processes, install or upgrade packages, as well as to permanently install the operating system on a local disk drive.

Bottom line

Overall, the Tazchrome Live CD can run completely in RAM and it features a lightning fast boot process, allowing the user to use Google Chrome in a matter of seconds. It requires only 256MB of RAM to run and includes no bars that waste screen space.

Tazchrome was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
Tazchrome - The DistroWatch website running on Google Chrome on top of Tazchrome Linux

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