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Sun Java Desktop System is a comprehensive, secure, highly affordable enterprise desktop solution that is simple to use.





Sun Java Desktop System project is a secure, comprehensive, and affordable enterprise desktop software solution that combines the best of open source innovation with significant contributions from Sun.

Initially provided with a Linux OS, Java Desktop System is now also integrated with the Solaris 10 Operating System. As a result, Sun customers have the option of deploying the same desktop environment on Sun workstations, Sun Ray thin clients, as well as a broad range of non-Sun notebook and desktop systems with standard x86-based architectures.

Here are some key features of "Sun Java Desktop System":

End user features:

· Automated software updates and patching, including dependency checking/analysis to ensure systems are secure and up-to-date.
· Local and remote management capabilities provide update scheduling and activity log access.
· Interoperability with centralized software management tools.
· Desktop applications are tightly integrated allowing for drag and drop and copy/paste of text, graphics and other elements between applications.
· Universal printer selection of available printers on network, including printers available on Windows networks.
· Single point of entry for directory and file management and networked computers.
· Direct access to content in data and files by single-click application launch for files contained in email, web pages and file manager.
· Intuitive, easy to use, single install mechanism which ensures users can quickly get productive.
· Easy to learn and use, especially for traditional MS Windows users. Featuring:
· Familiar desktop themes for file management and desktop configuration
· Standard keyboard short cut conventions
· Direct access to files and servers using the "Documents" and "Network Places" directories
· Familiar access to networked computers from single "Network Places" directory
· Full product documentation including Quick Start User Guide and other reference documentation.
· Includes selection of great productivity tools including office suite, browser, email/calendar, instant messaging, project management, drawing and video conferencing applications.
· Multimedia-ready with essential video and audio players plus a sound recorder. Featuring Java Media Player with support for MP3 playback and a CD Player.
· Users can access data stored in office productivity files of Microsoft users and printers connected to existing Windows networks.
· Full interoperability with Microsoft Office files.
· Interoperability with POP3, LDAP, SMTP mail servers.

Administrator features:

· Java Desktop System Configuration Manager allows system administrators to define groups of users and the policies for access rights and settings.
· Fine grained control of employee access rights and privileges.
· Remote image deployment to manage a defined set of packages or system images for rapid setup and provisioning of desktops and deploy on multiple systems simultaneously.
· Centralized package management enabling volume software push, patching, updating multiple desktops.
· Software dependency checking and analysis to identify patch and package dependencies and deploy correct set of software.
· Inventory collection of desktop details, OS, hardware profiles and more.
· Performance Monitoring of deployed desktop environments.
· Use a collection of interconnected computers as a unified computing resource.
· Ability for administrator to view and interact with user's desktop display to help, guide and troubleshoot.

Developer features:

· Java Studio Standard is a powerful yet intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java, providing a comprehensive set of features and functionality.
· NetBeans IDE 3.6 delivers tightly integrated deployment and debugging of web applications on Apache Tomcat 5 and the Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition 8.
· J2SE hosts the Linux GTK+ look and feel support in JFC/Swing enables Java applets and applications to be written so they look just like native Linux apps on JDS.
Last updated on March 10th, 2008
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