SnowBird Linux 20.1 Final

An open source Linux operating system, a remix of the Fedora Linux distribution.

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What's new in SnowBird Linux 20:

  • SnowBird Labs is pleased to announce the release of SnowBird Linux 20 ("Misha"€) based on Fedora 20 (“Heisenbug”). This release coincides with the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Fedora Project, Xmas and first anniversary of SnowBird Labs, so it calls for a triple celebration.
  • SnowBird Linux 20 is built on top of the Linux 3.11 kernel, sports the Gnome 3.10 desktop and an improved Network Manager. Gnome 3.10 brings quite a few new features, applications and a significant visual refreshing change to the desktop. The first noticeable change is the new look of the windows. Gnome 3.10 features a new "€œHeader Bar"€, which collapses a window’s title bar and toolbar into a single element, saving a bit of vertical screen space and giving Gnome windows a slightly less cluttered look.
  • These visual refreshes are felt throughout Gnome 3.10, but nowhere as noticeable as in the file browser, Nautilus which looks slick and clutter free. Perhaps the best visual tweak in Gnome 3.10 is the new system menu that, like so much of the Gnome interface, is designed to be clean and simple, staying out of the way until needed. Most of the Gnome Shell indicators and applets like Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth, Volume, Battery, Brightness have been condensed into a single drop-down menu that’s hidden away until you click the system menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • SnowBird Linux 20 features the tweaks and customization you would expect to find in a modern desktop. We have bundled a new theme along with the much loved Faenza icon set, true type fonts, the increasingly popular LibreOffice suite, audio and video codecs, full burning support, telephone and social applications, the most popular browsers including Firefox and it’s add-ons, productivity and graphics software, development tools and the small utilities that simplify our life, enhanced hardware support along with the latest and greatest repositories pre-configured.
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3 SnowBird Linux Screenshots:
SnowBird Linux - The overview mode of the GNOME 3.10 desktop environment in SnowBird LinuxSnowBird Linux - SnowBird Linux uses the new GNOME 3.10 desktop environmentSnowBird Linux - The GNOME 3.10 desktop environment, overview mode, used in SnowBird Linux
SnowBird Linux is an open source distribution of Linux that uses a clean theme with flat icons, bundled video and audio codecs, as well as software packages from Remi, Open Printing and Russian Fedora. It is based on the Fedora Linux operating system and built around the GNOME desktop environment.

Distributed as a dual-arch Live DVD

The distro is available for download as a single, dual-arch Live DVD ISO image of over 2GB in size, which means that the user must write it to a DVD disc or USB stick of 4GB or higher capacity in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer.

Boot options

The boot screen of the Live DVD is identical with the one found on many official or third-party Fedora spins, allowing the user to start the live environment with default options or in safe graphics mode, run a memory test, boot an existing OS from the local drive, or check the integrity of the DVD media.

Superb desktop environment with Numix artwork

SnowBird Linux's superb desktop environment is powered by GNOME, which uses the astonishing Numix theme and a two-panel layout. While the top panel is designed for launching applications, interacting with opened windows or cycling between virtual workspaces, the bottom panel will let the user to interact with running programs.

Top-notch applications

Among the preinstalled applications, we can mention flareGet download manager, Dia diagram creator, CherryTree text editor, Bluefish HTML editor, Corebird Twitter client, Empathy instant messenger, Evolution email and calendar client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, and GIMP image editor.

Additionally, the HandBrake video converter, KeePassX password manager, LibreOffice office suite, Google Earth 3D interactive globe, Inkscape vector graphics editor, Google Chrome web browser, gFTP file transfer client, Shotwell image viewer and organizer, Skype VoIP client, Meld diff and merge tool, and ROSA Media Player are also included.

Bottom line

Summing up, SnowBird Linux provides users with a modern, productive and attractive desktop experience, mostly because of the GNOME desktop environment. 

SnowBird Linux was reviewed by , last updated on May 27th, 2014

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