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A small, minimal and bootable rescue CD Linux operating system derived from Slax

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Slax-LFI is yet another rescue CD operating system based on the Linux kernel and designed to be as lightweight and minimal as possible. It is derived from the Slax distribution, which in turn is based on Slackware Linux and helps system administrators recover lost data from damaged partitions or repair broken OSes.

It’s available for download as a dual-arch Live CD

This special Slax derivative is available for download from Softpedia as a dual-arch Live CD ISO image that runs on computers supporting 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86_64) architectures.

The ISO image must be written on a CD disc or a USB thumb drive of 512MB or higher capacity in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer. You can use UNetbootin to write the ISO image to a USB stick and any CD/DVD burning software to burn it onto a blank or RW CD disc.

The Live CD boot menu is translated in French

If you’re not a French-speaking user, then you shouldn’t download and use this rescue CD, as the Live CD boot menu and the entire system are translated in French. From the boot menu, you will be able to run the live system with the VESA driver by copying the contents of the ISO image to RAM (system memory).

The Live CD can also be used to boot the live system into the KDE graphical desktop environment, drop to a shell prompt, perform a system memory diagnostic test, as well as to clone a disk drive.

Uses Slax’s old-school KDE 3.5 desktop environment

As mentioned, you can boot the live system straight into the graphical session. The distro uses Slax’s old-school KDE 3.5 desktop environment and various applications like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, K3b CD/DVD burning software, Clam Anti-Virus, GParted partition editor and TestDisk data recovery tool.

Slax-LFI was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
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