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Slackintosh is a port of Slackware GNU/Linux to PPC (Macintosh).




Slackintosh is a port of Slackware GNU/Linux to PPC (Macintosh).

Russell Kroll was the first person who ported Slackware to PPC (, but the project stalled with an unfinished 9.1 ..

I (Adrian) started again from scratch porting 10.1 to PPC, and i've stolen the name 'Slackintosh'...

Please note that this port was not done by Russell, don't send him Bugreports.

I used the the Sources + SlackBuild files from Slackware 10.1. ..but i had to make a few changes:

The new Binutils from 10.x didn't like GCC, i used the 9.1 Version to build everything. The Installer uses BusyBox 1.0 and Linux 2.4 is not included, only (Runs better on PPC .. imho)

It's not finished: Not all packages are ported. You'll get gcc, X, Mozilla, XFCE, Gimp.. but no
monsters like KDE & Co.

The installer maybe somewhat funky.. Missing packages are still listed and the yaboot installation isn't tested very well...

..but you should be able to get it running. It won the WFM (WorksForMe) price. (Tested on a MiniMac & iBook2)


· You'll need a New-World Macintosh.
· Slackintosh 10.1 was tested (and compiled) on an iBook2 (G3 - 600mhz) & a Mac Mini.
Last updated on June 8th, 2008

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