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A Debian derivative that runs on PowerPC hardware, such as the PlayStation 3 console

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Red Ribbon GNU/Linux is an open-source and completely free distribution of Linux derived from the award winning Debian GNU/Linux operating system and designed to be deployed on PlayStation 3 (PS3) hardware.

It supports PPC64 (PowerPC 64-bit) hardware platforms

This special distribution of Linux is available for download as an installable-only ISO image of approximately 500MB in size. It has been engineered to support only PPC64 (PowerPC 64-bit) hardware platforms.

The operating system can only be installed

The user must install the operating system on a local drive before he or she can actually use it as a day by day OS. Certain steps must be taken to boot the ISO image from the BIOS of the PlayStation 3 console.

It only supports older PS3 models

The fact of the matter is that the distribution will run only on older PS3 models, as newer PlayStation 3 models no longer support the installation of a second operating system.

LXDE is in charge of the graphical session

Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) is in charge of the default graphical session of Red Ribbon GNU/Linux, providing users with an old-school desktop experience, using a two-panel layout.

Contains a vast amount of open-source apps

Default applications include the SMPlayer and GNOME MPlayer video players, guvcview webcam viewer, LXMusic music player, Icewesel web browser, Icedove email and news client, XChat IRC client, and many othters.

It contains support for Cell/BE

The best feature of Red Ribbon GNU/Linux is without no doubt the built-in support for the Cell multi-core microprocessor microarchitecture, which is implemented in the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console.

We recommend to download and install Red Ribbon GNU/Linux on your PS3 hardware if you want a decent and well-made distribution of Linux. Keep in mind though, that is only works on older PlayStation 3 models.

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Red Ribbon GNU/Linux - The desktop environment of the Red Ribbon GNU/Linux operating system

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