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A Rebecca Black fan-made Linux distribution that features the Wayland display server

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RebeccaBlackOS is an open source Linux-based operating system based on Ubuntu and designed for Rebecca Black fans, as well as to demonstrate the functionality of the Wayland display server. A minimalistic edition, called RebeccaBlackOS Reduced, is also available on Softpedia.

Distributed as a bootable Live DVD

It is distributed as a single Live DVD ISO image that can be used as-is for either a DVD disc or USB stick. The Live DVD can be used to boot an existing operating system or run a memory test. Several predefined framebuffer modes are available on the boot prompt, in case your video card is not supported by the default option.

The first distro to include the Wayland display server

It is not just a fan-made operating system, as it’s also the first ever Live CD Linux distribution that features the Wayland display server instead of using the old X.Org window system. It comes with the latest stable versions of Wayland and Weston.

In addition, the system includes Wayland-enabled versions of the Clutter, GTK, SDL, QT, EFL/Elementary, and KDE Frameworks toolkits and libraries, as well as the GStreamer multimedia framework, MPlayer video player, and Otter web browser applications.

Supports X11 applications

While you can run X11 apps on top of Wayland using Xwayland, you can use the Hawaii and Orbital desktop environments, as well as GNOME Shell Wayland, and a nested version of the Enlightenment window manager.

A GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool for configuring udev for Weston multi pointer/multiseat, and a rudimentary Wayland login manager are also included in this Live CD operating system, which only supports the 32-bit (i386) architecture.

When starting the live environment, users will be asked to choose between the default Weston desktop shell, the Hawaii desktop shell, or the Orbital shell. Depending on which one you choose, a different desktop session will be presented to you.

Bottom line

All in all, RebeccaBlackOS has nothing to do with Rebecca Black and its sole purpose is to demonstrate some Wayland-enabled desktop environments and applications.

RebeccaBlackOS was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 22nd, 2014
RebeccaBlackOS - Various applications running on top of the Wayland display serverRebeccaBlackOS - A demo of rotating windows on Wayland via RebeccaBlackOS LinuxRebeccaBlackOS - A minimal KDE test application running as a native Wayland softwareRebeccaBlackOS - screenshot #4RebeccaBlackOS - screenshot #5RebeccaBlackOS - screenshot #6

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