ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE

2014.1 R6 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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A user-friendly desktop operating system based on the Mandriva and KDE technologies

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ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE is also known as ROSA Desktop Fresh because it is the main edition of the ROSA Linux operating system, based on Mandriva Linux and built around the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Available for download as Live DVDs

As expected, the distribution is available for download as two Live DVD ISO images, one for each of the supported hardware platforms (32-bit and 64-bit), allowing the user to try the operating system without installing anything.

Boot options

At the boot prompt of the Live DVDs, it is a must to choose the “Start ROSA Desktop Fresh” option if you want to try the distribution without any change to your computer. In addition, you can directly start the graphical installation process with default settings or in safe graphics mode, boot an existing OS from the first disk, run a system memory test or recover a broken bootloader.

Beautified and productive KDE Plasma desktop environment

The user must select a language for the live session, accept a license agreement, choose a keyboard layout, and set up date, clock and timezone settings from the get-go. Then, the beautified KDE Plasma desktop environment will make its pompous entry like a Hollywood movie star on the red carpet.

Powerful open source applications designed for KDE

Besides the powerful open source applications that are specifically designed for the KDE Plasma desktop environment, the distribution also features popular third-party software project like the Mozilla Firefox and Chromium web browsers, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, VLC Media Player, as well as Clementine audio player.

Bottom line

Summing up, the KDE edition of ROSA Desktop Fresh is where the new ROSA technologies are implemented before they arrive in other flavors of this Mandriva-based operating system, such as ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME or ROSA Desktop Fresh LXDE.

ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 25th, 2015
ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE - The desktop environment of the ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE Linux operating system

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