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An Open Source, lightweight and multilingual operating system based on Lubuntu and Bodhi Linux

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Quelitu is an open source and freely distributed operating system derived from the LTS (Long Term Support) release of the Lubuntu Linux distribution. It uses the LXDE and Enlightenment desktop environments, comes pre-loaded with a great selection of software and borrows elements from the Bodhi Linux distro.

It’s distributed as a 32-bit Live CD

The good news is that the distribution can be downloaded as a Live CD ISO image, so you can try it without installing anything on your computer. The bad news is that the ISO image contains software packages optimized only for the 32-bit architecture, which means that it will not take full advantage of your 64-bit processor, despitate the fact that it is bootable on these machines.

It can be easily installed

From the Live CD boot menu, the user can start the live system or the graphical installer. In addition, it is possible to perform a system memory diagnostic test, check the bootable medium for errors (only if using a CD disc), as well as to boot an existing operating system from the local drive.

Choose between LXDE or Enlightenment

Quelitu comes with two lightweight graphical desktop environments, the traditional LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) and the modern Enlightenment E17. Both interfaces are fast and provide users with a productive environment.

Comes with a great selection of software

Another interesting feature is that it comes with a great selection of software. Among these, we can mention the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Bluefish HTML editor, gFTP file transfer client, GIMP image editor, LibreOffice office suite, Avidemux video editor, Skype VoIP client and Oracle VirtualBox virtualization software.

A great alternative for Windows XP and Vista

Quelitu has been designed from the offset to be user-friendly. It is considered a great alternative for the deprecated Windows XP operating system, but it can also be used by Vista users who are tired of BOSD (Blue Screen of Death) errors and overall slowness issues, and want to migrate to an open-source operating system. It runs pretty fast on a computer with 256MB of RAM!

Quelitu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
Quelitu - The desktop environment of the Quelitu Linux operating systemQuelitu - The main menu of the Quelitu Linux distribution

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