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The Quantian Scientific Computing Environment is a Knoppix / Debian variant tailored to numerical and quantitative analysis.





Quantian distribution is a remastering of Knoppix, the self-configuring and directly bootable dvd/cdrom that turns any pc or laptop (provided it can boot from cdrom/dvd) into a full-featured Linux workstation.

Recent versions of Quantian are based on clusterKnoppix and add support for openMosix, including remote booting of light clients in an openMosix terminal server context. Earlier releases are still available; see below for URLs for downloads as well as ordering information.

Brief introductory information is available in a paper (from June 2004) submitted to The Political Methodologist, slides from the presentation at Usenix 2004 (July 2004), and in the earlier (revised) paper about Quantian that has appeared in the DSC 2003 Proceedings.

Quantian is an extension of Knoppix and clusterKnoppix from which it takes its base system of around two gigabytes of software, along with fully automatic hardware detection and configuration.

What's New in This Release:

Kernel 2.6.12, KDE 3.5 / 3.4, OpenOffice 2.0, ... and more from Knoppix 4.0.2
a backport of the openMosix-enabled 2.4.27 kernel and openMosix tools from the last clusterKnoppix release,
very comprehensive support for GNU R with over 870 packages from CRAN and BioConductor, plus ESS, Ggobi, Rpad, RKward, RSPerl, JGR, ...
addition of the Java 1.5.0 SDK enabling us to add ImageJ, Weka, JGR, Mondrian;
plus a number of other new packages (inkscape, orsa, praat, wxmaxima, some more Debian documentation...)
and still loads more of math, bio, engineering, LaTeX, ... software
Last updated on March 2nd, 2006
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