Pyramid Linux PXE Live CD12-18-06

GPL (GNU General Public License)    
Pyramid is binary linux distro for use on embedded platforms.





Pyramid Linux Project's mission is to build and maintain a high quality, rock solid, entirely open source operating system for wireless networking applications.

Pyramid is binary linux distro for use on embedded platforms. It is primarily focused on wireless applications however people have found many great uses for it. We primarily develop and test Pyramid for Metrix Boxes, but it works well on other x86 based hardware as well. Check the WorkingHardware page for more info or add to it if you find hardware not listed that works with Pyramid.

Pyramid is currently maintained by a few people at Metrix Communication. We are open to bringing more people on board the Pyramid team to move the OS further. We always accept patches and contributions for review. We ship Pyramid on our wireless products, which was the main motivation behind its creation. However we believe in making Pyramid as flexible as possible so it will work on as many x86 embedded platforms as possible. We build Pyramid for ourselves and the community regardless of whose hardware they choose to run it on.
Last updated on December 26th, 2006

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