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A Live Linux operating system designed for digital content creation, based on Debian

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As its name might suggest to Linux connoisseurs, Puredyne is a distribution of Linux derived from the dyne:bolic GNU/Linux operating system. It is a desktop-oriented computer OS designed by artists for artists. Xfce is in charge of the default graphical environment.

It’s distributed as Live CDs and Live DVDs

Users can choose between downloaded the Puredyne operating system as Live CD or a Live DVD ISO images. Both of them are supported on the 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms, but the main difference is that the Live DVD comes with extra applications.

Clean and simple boot menu

The Live DVD boot menu is clean and simple, providing users with the ability to start the live system with normal configuration or in failsafe mode, perform a system memory diagnostic test, as well as to access a help screen with more details about the available boot options. Press Enter to boot an option or TAB to edit it.

Traditional and clean desktop environment powered by Xfce

Being designed from the offset to be as simple and lightweight as possible, the distribution uses a traditional and clean desktop environment powered by Xfce, which comprises of a single taskbar that allows you to effortlessly launch applications, interact with running programs, as well as to access essential system functions.

Comes with a wide range of multimedia-oriented apps

Puredyne is a computer operating system for digital content creation, which means that it comes with a wide range of multimedia-oriented apps, among which we can mention Mixxx, MPlayer, Audacious, Hexter, Hydrogen, JAMin, JACK, Meterbridge, MilkyTracker, Audacity, amSynth, MuseScore and Nekobee.

Default applications

Default applications include the GIMP image editor, Mozilla Firefox web browser, gFTP file transfer client, XChat IRC client, GParted partition editor and Synaptic Package Manager for installing additional apps or updating existing ones.

Puredyne was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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