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Planktum is a Live-CD for the inmigrant communities, the goal: improve access to internet communication applications.




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Planktum is a Live-CD for the inmigrant communities and he's goal is to improve access to internet communication applications.

Planktum is a trimmed live-CD, it's not and will not be a technical show-off, for version 01 it comes out based on SLAX, but future releases could be based in any system that allows to be customized (instead of a full fledge packaged system, we present a fast, versatile and "slimmed" spanish-english one) that simplifies at most the boot process and that includes a friendly GUI following an aesthetic touch close to the visual culture of the target group of users to whom it is addressed.

We intent to distribute this around immigrant communities, be it africans, latinos, chinese, etc. A graphical interface receives the user in an enviroment with 4 basic icons on the desktop. all leading to communication applications (present version includes
Skype, WebBrowser, Email Client and an Instant Messaging application).

Planktum could be a build from a ranging sea of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software): jabber to gollum or gnome metting to a puredata pidip based patch, all acording to the pool of resources that is out there in the opensource world withouth wich this project would'nt be possible.

Help us make it better sending feedback to:
Last updated on January 14th, 2006

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