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Pioneer Linux is a desktop-oriented, Kubuntu-based distribution targeted at new as well as experienced Linux users.





Pioneer Linux is a desktop-oriented, Kubuntu-based distribution targeted at new as well as experienced Linux users. The product comes in two flavours: as a freely downloadable live and installation CD, and as a commercial boxed edition with CrossOver Office and technical support.

Test and try before you install That's right, you can test Pioneer Linux running off the CD before you decide to perform an installation. This means that you can actually run your operating system and learn it before you install or make that critical decision to leave your previous operating system installation. ASPEN for older computers is not a live CD.

Burn CDs Yes take a look at our screenshots and you'll see we've included a utility named K3b so you can burn your CDs or DVDs! K3b is a simple yet powerful tool that's simple to use

Browse the Internet safely Yes it's safe! You can browse the Internet safely when you use Pioneer Linux. It's not the same anymore with people dropping viruses or keystroke loggers because of that old unsafe browser you've been using for years! Go wild and have fun!

Listen to music You can listen to your favorite music while working using the CD Player included or make cuts and create your own CD from your music! You decide, the tools are included!

Word processing and more! Yes that's right! Your Pioneer Linux operating system comes with that allows you to exchange documents with Word users. You even have the opportunity to run spreadsheets and create professional presentations. More? yes a database application is new with 2.0

Play some games We've packed Pioneer with loads of games to help you kill some time. Want more than those included? Check the knowledge base for more games that can be run like Savage or Civilization.

Utilities We've included some of the best utilities to manage your operating system today. These utilities come with even our basic ASPEN application so you can manage your system day-to-day!

What's New in This Release:

Technology Alignment sponsored and community open source projects, today announced the availability of Pioneer Explorer and Basic 3.2, the latest version of its open source Linux operating system distributions. Pioneer operating systems continues to build upon its 7-year life cycle with the Release 3 series. Highlights of the KDE-based distribution include improvements and enhancements on the Programs Folder to allow difficult to find and install items such as codecs while the latest release of Pioneer Linux sports a 2.6.24 kernel, Firefox 3 beta 5 and version 2.4.0.
Last updated on June 17th, 2008
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