Pentoo LiveCD 2015.0 RC3.7

A free Gentoo-based Linux distribution specifically designed for penetration testing

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What's new in Pentoo LiveCD 2015.0 RC3.7:

  • This RC is the followup to the fixes and improvements in RC3.6 from BsidesDE, plus some other exciting stuff. First of all, the boot menu has a new "verify" option which will confirm that the iso files have not been corrupted by unetbootin or a bad thumb drive. I know checking md5sums yourself is annoying, plus it's impossible to verify after you install to a thumb drive, so now you can do it quickly on boot, automatically! The side effect to this is that we find that things like unetbootin sometimes make unexpected changes, and you may need to use the second (no verify) boot option to actually run Pentoo. Please report issues to the issue tracker so we can find out what is changing files, and why, I'd really like to find out why sometimes unetbootin works flawlessly, and sometimes it doesn't.
  • Additionally, the initramfs has been enhanced with the ability to use unetbootin's "Space used to preserve files across reboots" feature which is labeled "ubuntu only". Well, I guess that should say "Ubuntu and Pentoo" only. Not like changes saving is a new feature, but now you can use the changes saving from unetbootin as well.
  • Last update to the boot code was an update to syslinux 5 from syslinux 4. It seems most linux distros have updated to syslinux 5 now, so this keeps unetbootin working on those distros (because unetbootin reinstalls its version of the bootloader). Unfortunately, this means if you have a unetbootin version which still uses syslinux4 (windows seems to have this issue) you can't make a Pentoo usb stick with unetbootin. Fortunately, you can actually boot Pentoo in a vm and make a usb stick with unetbootin from there, proof that Pentoo is the solution to all of your problems.
  • In addition to all the boot loader changes and the standard updates, we have switched metasploit live to using ruby 2.1. This change was not only important because ruby 1.9 support is ending soon, but because it was a near 600% increase in speed. Remember waiting 30+ seconds for msfconsole to load? Well, those days are gone.
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Pentoo LiveCDPentoo LiveCDPentoo LiveCD
Pentoo LiveCD is an open source and completely free distribution of Linux designed for security professionals who want a simple, reliable and modern computer operating system suitable for penetration testing operations. It is based on Gentoo and uses Xfce as its default desktop environment.

Available only for 64-bit computers

The OS can be downloaded via Softpedia or directly from its official home page as a Live DVD ISO image of approximately 2.5GB in size, suitable for 64-bit computers. The user must write the ISO image to either a DVD disc or a USB flash drive in order to boot it from the BIOS of a PC.

Boot options

It features a beautiful, Matrix-like boot screen that has been designed to allow you to start the live OS with default drivers and settings, without binary drivers or in safe graphics mode. Additionally, it comes with the usual Memtest86+ utility for testing the RAM for errors, the hardware detection toolkit, as well as the ability to reboot the machine.

Traditional and fast desktop environment powered by Xfce

When starting the Live CD, you will be dropped to a shell prompt where you must type the “startx” command in order to access the graphical session powered by Xfce, which provides users with a traditional and fast desktop environment that uses a top panel and a bottom dock.

Includes a wide range of penetration testing tools

As mentioned, the main emphasis of this Linux distribution is on penetration testing tasks. Therefore it includes a wide range of penetration testing tools, among which we can mention Dsniff, Ethereal, Ettercap, Ntop, BlueSniff, Redfang, Hydra, Ldapenum, John the ripper, chntpw, Amap, xprobe, smtpmap, p0f2, Arpspoof, Hunt, Packit, Metasploit, Raccess, Cisco-Torch, WebMitm, HttPush, Paros Proxy, Nessus, Nmap, Nikto, Cheops, Kismet, Airsnort and Wellenreiter.

Bottom line

Summing up, Pentoo LiveCD is a great distribution of Linux dedicated to security professional who are looking for an easy-to-use, very fast and complex operating system suitable for penetration testing tasks on 64-bit computers.

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