PLD Linux Rescue CD

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A RPM-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced users and system administrators

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PLD Linux Rescue CD is an open source and completely free Linux kernel-based distribution designed to act as a rescue CD for recovering data from damaged drives or repairing broken operating systems that won’t boot anymore. It is the official Rescue CD edition of PLD Linux.

It’s distributed as minimal 32-bit/64-bit Live CDs

The Rescue CD flavor of PLD Linux is distributed as two Live CD ISO image of approximately 80MB in size each, one that contains software packages optimized for 32-bit architectures and another one that can be used on computers supporting the 64-bit architecture.

Features advanced boot options

The unique boot menu of the PLD Linux Rescue CD features advanced boot options, such as the ability to automatically or manually boot the live system by copying the content of the ISO images to RAM (system memory). This function requires a computer with at least 512MB of RAM.

The Copy to RAM function is very useful when you have to eject the bootable medium on which the rescue CD is written and insert another disc with various other tools required for rescue and recovery operations.

In addition, the Live CD boot menu includes an option that allows you to start the live system with support for serial console (ttyS0/1 and 9600n81), boot from a local disk drive (floppy, first or second disk).

It is also possible to perform a system memory (RAM) diagnostic test using the powerful Memtest86+ utility, run the GRUB4DOS utility to create a bootable drive, as well as the fantastic Super Grub Disk software to repair the broken GRUB bootloader of an existing Linux distribution.

A very fast rescue CD operating system

At the boot prompt, a regular user should just press the Enter key on his or her keyboard to boot the live system and start the system rescue or data recovery operations. It boots extremely fast and drops users to a shell prompt where they can use the built-in commands.

PLD Linux Rescue CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
PLD Linux Rescue CD - The shell prompt of the PLD Linux Rescue CD operating system

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