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PHLAK is a modular live security Linux distribution.





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PHLAK is a modular live security Linux distribution. PHLAK comes with two light gui's (fluxbox and XFCE4), many security tools, and a spiral notebook full of security documentation. PHLAK is a derivative of Morphix, created by Alex de Landgraaf.

PHLAK is distributed freely. Some of the software included with PHLAK may not be GPL/GNU but can be distributed freely.

The developers of PHLAK express no warranty of any kind. Creators of PHLAK are not responsible or liable for an damages, criminal activity, misuse, or misrepresentations of PHLAK. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

What's New in This Release:

removed XPDE and XFCE4
removed security documentation
removed all under /usr/share/doc/
removed other unnecessary packages
added iDesk to fluxbox
updated fluxbox menus
upgraded all applicable packages
added usb modules to linuxrc script in miniroot.gz and new path for usb booting
updated grub menu.lst, options.lst, and lang.lst files
updated grub message
updated bootsplash
removed debian orphan packages
purged all removed package data
cleaned up minimod
removed unnecessary files from base module
modified usb pen drive install script for PHLAK compatibility
modified PHLAK Security Panel tools and Control Panel tools
Last updated on October 12th, 2005
PHLAK LittleBoyPHLAK LittleBoyPHLAK LittleBoy

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