Professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit

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What's new in PHLAK 0.3:

  • After a long delay, the PHLAK (Professional Hacker’s Linux Assault Kit) project has released a brand new version of their live and installation CD: "Here it is - the version that everyone has been waiting for. Some of the changes are as follows: kernel version 2.6.9; wireless drivers: wlan-ng, patched Orinoco, madwifi, HostAP, Centrino, and NdisWrapper; UnionFS - allows you perform updates and changes as though the filesystem was read/write; PHLAK Control Panel - all your system related needs including a hard drive installer; PHLAK Security Panel - lock your box down quickly or start/stop services; USB pen drive support; and more. Thanks for all your support and happy Phlaking!" Here is the full release announcement.
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PHLAK is a modular live security Linux distribution. PHLAK comes with two light gui's (XFCE4 and fluxbox), many security tools, and a spiral notebook full of security documentation. PHLAK is a derivative of Morphix, created by Alex de Landgraaf.

The story begins with two coffee drinkers from Longview, Texas. James Hartman and Shawn Hawkins were like any other Linux users, hitting Slashdot in the morning, researching numerous open source repositories, and experimenting with interesting projects.

Always security minded, the two developers started looking at live security distributions. Never being completely satisfied with existing projects, the two started on a mission to create the most complete live security Linux distribution.

So began the research. Instead of starting from scratch they decided to look at some of the other preexisting live CD distibution, finally settling on Morphix due to its modularity. After three months of development the initial version was released. Two moths later 0.2 was released with all fifteen pieces of flair.

PHLAK is designed as the security professional's tool kit. It is not meant to turn the unexperienced into a security guru overnight. However, anyone with the desire can learn from the included tools and documentation.

Like any good tool, PHLAK can be used by Sith or Jedi alike. Included in the distribution are all the mainstream tools such as: nmap, nessus, snort, the coronor's toolkit, ethereal, and several other security packages.

Some of the other lesser known, yet equally effective, tools include: hping2, proxychains, lczroex, ettercap, kismet, hunt, achilies, brutus, and many others. Make no mistake, this is a real Linux distribution including many common services such as apache, mysql, ssh, iptables, and most other services that are included on any other standard distribution.

To make things more user-friendly, PHLAK currently includes two fast, light-weight window managers, XFCE4 (the default) and Fluxbox. From these window managers the user has easy access to the powerful documentation system. Currently included in the XFCE4 user interface are quick-start buttons to initiate services and different firewall settings for those who are command line impaired.

Remember that PHLAK is still in its infancy. It is constantly progressing towards the level the developers had originally envisioned. The future versions of PHLAK will better harness the modularity of its Morphix origin as well as increase its base of hardware support and detection.

The project team is dedicated to expanding and updating the PHLAK security arsenal as well as making it more available to a broader user base. They foresee it becoming the Professional Hacker's Linux Assault Kit. Make no mistake, the Internet is an unfriendly environment. Arm yourself well.

Last updated on May 12th, 2005

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