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This is the official MATE edition of the popular PCLinuxOS Linux operating system

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PCLinuxOS MATE is a freely distributed and open source edition of the well known PCLinuxOS Linux-based operating system built around the traditional MATE desktop environment, a clone of GNOME 2.

Availability, boot options and system requirements

This edition is available for download as two Live CD ISO-hybrid images that can be burned to blank or RW CD discs or written to USB flash drives of 1 GB or bigger. Both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures are supported at this time.

From the boot prompt, users can start the live environment with default settings, without boot splash, in safe graphics mode, in failsafe mode, copy to RAM, as well as to drop to a shell prompt and install the operating system without testing it (not recommended).

Minimum hardware requirements for running this Linux distribution include a modern Intel or AMD processor, at least 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended), at least 3 GB of free disk space (10 GB or more recommended), a modern Intel, Nvidia or ATI/AMD Radeon video card, any AC97, Intel HDA or Sound Blaster sound card, and a CD/DVD-ROM drive or available USB port.

Really beautiful MATE desktop environment, great apps

At first, you will need to select a keyboard layout before entering the graphical session. The MATE desktop environment used in this PCLinuxOS edition is really beautiful, comprised of a single taskbar located at the bottom edge of the screen and designed to allow users to access the main menu, launch applications and interact with running programs.

Default applications include the Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger, Mozilla Firefox web browser, qBittorrent torrent downloader, Skype VoIP client, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Clementine audio player, VLC Media Player, and Synaptic Package Manager.

Bottom line

In conclusion, PCLinuxOS MATE is a beautiful, extremely fast and stable operating system that can be used on low-end machines and computers with old hardware components. It features a traditional desktop environment that is easy to use and eye-candy.

PCLinuxOS MATE was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 24th, 2014
PCLinuxOS MATE - The default desktop environment of the PCLinuxOS MATE Linux operating system

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