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Oralux is an audio GNU/Linux distro for visually impaired persons.




Oralux project hopes to facilitate access to GNU/Linux for the visually impaired.

Firstly, through lowering the barrier by facilitating installation of the necessary software.

At the moment, the current version offers an experienced user a quick way to have GNU/Linux working on a PC.

The Oralux project must go further.

We hope to help and guide the newbie to reach the following initial stages:

* starting with Emacspeak or Yasr
* finding relevant documentation and browsing it,
* receiving and sending emails,
* browsing the web,
* and whatever else might be important to you...

You may want to help us to reach these aims by sharing your skills: advising and giving feedback, supplying configuration files, translating documentation, writing a tutorial and developing the Oralux scripts (shell and php).

Oralux is a Knoppix customization, the self-installing distro created by Klaus Knopper. Knoppix includes, on a single CD, nearly three compressed CDs.

Oralux boots up from the CD, whatever the already installed operating system (Win98, XP,...) may be.

Oralux includes, thanks to BRLTTY, a number of braille drivers.

The Oralux user interface is based on Emacspeak the Audio Desktop created by T. V. Raman. Emacspeak offers a complete and powerful desktop.

Another environment is available based on Yasr, the lightweight and portable screen reader by Mike Gorse.

The CD includes a free English Text-To-Speech software (TTS): Flite (Carnegie Mellon University).

It also includes EFM from Pierre Lorenzon for French and English. EFM is based on Festival (University of Edinburgh) and MBROLA (Thierry Dutoit, Universite de Mons).

Using Festival and MBROLA, implementing other languages might be possible: contributors are welcome!

ParleMax is a speech server in French based on LLiaphon and MBROLA. ParleMax and LLiaphon come from the Biglux team.

Multispeech is a speech server based for Russian on Ru_tts and for the English on freephone and MBROLA. Multispeech can automatically switch from one synthesis to the other. Igor B. Poretsky is the Multispeech and Ru_tts author.

Oralux can install the DECtalk software synthesizer (4.61 or 5.0), a multi language TTS from the Fonix company. This TTS allows Oralux to access the following languages: English or Castillan Spanish, French or German.

What's New in This Release:

Major feature enhancements
Last updated on May 9th, 2006

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