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A commercial and professional Linux operating system for small and medium sized businesses

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Black Lab Professional Desktop (previously known as Black Lab Enterprise Linux) is a commercial computer operating system based upon the world’s most popular free distribution of GNU/Linux, Ubuntu. It can be easily described as Black Lab Linux with muscle, because it includes a ton of applications and technical support for one year.

Easy-to-use and professional looking operating system

It has been created because of the demand for an easy-to-use and professional looking operating system based on the latest Linux technologies. This means that it supports a wide range of hardware platforms and comes with top-notch applications from a wide range of fields, including accounting, multimedia, graphics, presentation and database management.

Built around the GNOME desktop environment, using GNOME Shell

The default and only desktop environment of this operating system is GNOME, which features the controversial, beautiful and modern GNOME Shell user interface. It offers a fast and traditional desktop experience that has been tweaked and customized to look very professional.

Available as a freely distributed demo Live DVD for 64-bit computers

Black Lab Professional Desktop is available for download as a free, but limited Live DVD ISO image that contains software packages optimized only for modern, high-end 64-bit (amd64) computers. The Live DVD offers the standard Black Lab Linux boot menu that allows users to start the live session with normal settings or in safe graphics mode, as well as to start the installation directly, test the RAM for errors or boot an existing OS from the local disk drive.

Includes powerful, open source applications

Default applications includes the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger client, Transmission BitTorrent client, VLC Media Player, Audacity audio editor, OpenShot video editor, Audacious music player, LibreOffice office suite, Calibre e-book library management software, GIMP image editor, and Scribus desktop publishing tool.

In addition, applications like gFTP, Dropbox, Audacity, Brasero, GNOME PPP, XChat, gMTP, Mixxx, SimpleScreenRecorder, Arista Transcoder, FocusWriter, Cheese, Blender, GnuCash, Glom, Simple Scan, Inkscape, and Shotwell are also included in this professional edition of Black Lab Linux, which also supports Google Apps.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses

As mentioned, Black Lab Enterprise Linux is a commercial operating system especially designed to be deployed on small to medium sized businesses. It can only be purchased from its official website and it’s designed for people who need a professional and professionally supported computer operating system that uses state-of-the-art Linux technologies and applications.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
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