Nbed-Nakooki Live CD

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Nbed-Nakooki is a generalist GNU/Linux Live-CD, for the x86 platform.





Nbed-Nakooki Live CD is a generalist GNU/Linux OS for the x86 platform.

It is based entirely on two projects :

- Norean, a collection of tools for Linux distribution creators.
Nbed is on of the Norean tools, that is used to generate the live-CD using Nakooki packages.
- Nakooki, a demonstration and pedagogic implementation of Norean tools in the form of a small source-centric distribution, that can also be used as a start point for other distributions.

Here are some key features of "Nbed Nakooki Live CD":

Abiword A text-processor
Firefox Web browser
mplayer,xmms Video and music players
The Gimp Graphics software
sylpheed Mail and news reader

It's also the result of the work on Nbed, that will offer many more things in the future. This Live-CD is a proof of concept of Nbed, at this point in time. Since Nakooki is a simple collection of packages definitions, to be compiled by yourself - without any installation CD or such, Nbed-Nakooki is a simple opportunity to allow people testing and installing (with Nbed-HD-install) a Nakooki system on their Hard Drive without special skills required.

However, even if this can't be compared in terms of features, support, etc. Nbed-Nakooki has the following advantages:

- It's very Simple to use, no complicated questions.
- Has very good performances, once the desktop is loaded.
- It's based on a very classic system, easy to understand (for those already using Linux)
Last updated on December 21st, 2005
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