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NIKTARIX is a new Knoppix like Live CD for the ppc platform.




NIKTARIX is a new Knoppix like Live CD for the ppc platform. NIKTARIX LiveCD was build from scratch using code from KNOPPIX and KANOTIX and almost only Debian Sarge binaries where used.

NIKTARIX atm contains among other's:

kernel 2.6.11, KDE 3.3.2, UNIONFS, Mozilla / Firefox, Openoffice, GIMP
Small notes about NIKTARIX :
Some features are missing either because they are not ready/ported yet, some of them are i386 specific and can not work on the ppc platform, and some others could not compile yet.
At the moment only the english language strings are included. Other languages will follow when ppl have a need for them.
Knoppix cheatcodes _can_ be used, just put them at the end of the line in the OF prompt.
UNIONFS takes a while to load when booting, just be patient.
UNIONFS means that you can work like if it was from hard disk while it is running from CD. You can for example install/remove .deb files

To boot it use from the OF the command :

boot cd niktarix root=/dev/ram rw init=linuxrc"
Last updated on January 17th, 2006

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