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Myah Linux Operating System runs right off the CD, putting whatever system files it needs into RAM only.





Myah is an Operating System based on the Linux kernel. Myah is a "Live CD", so no installation is required. Myah Linux Operating System runs right off the CD, putting whatever system files it needs into RAM only.

You simply start up your PC with the Myah CD. Once you're done with Myah, simply restart your PC. The CD will eject automatically and all will be exactly as it was before.

Our goal is to bring you the best free Operating System and to inform PC owners they don't have to spend their money on Windows or OS X. There is something better, and it's free. Whenever we improve Myah or Linux in general those updates will be free.

There are many Linux-based Live CDs our there. So we've made sure Myah is different by including the programs you're going to use on a daily basis. To Windows users the unfamiliar Linux program names can be confusing. So we've changed the menus to make sense. For instance Kopete, a Linux instant messenger service, is simply called Messenger.

Programs have been added to the task bar for quick and easy access. Also: the user isn't hassled for any information during startup. Myah boots up completely on its own. It starts in the main administrative account called Root.

The user has full rights. And since Myah runs right off the CD you can't break it.This whole website is committed to bringing people the best of Linux and its software, so we advertise many other Linux Operating Systems. As a plus for people who can't leave Windows (tm), we offer the Live CD. And it's all free for everyone to use. So please: don't waste your money.

Here are some key features of "Myah Linux":

It's just as easy as putting the Myah CD in your computer and rebooting. Everything is automatic, detecting your hardware, even your internet connection. All this is done without making any permenet changes to your computer. At anytime just reboot the computer, and your normal system is back.

Myah uses the KDE destop, that comes with a great set of utilities. Control Center you have the power to tune the system as you like. K3b is Myah's CD burning programs. K3b is powerful easy to use program.

Myah lets you breeze though the Internet with Firefox. And if you have ever wanted to try creating you own Websites NVU is included. NVU makes it possible to create professional looking Webpages, without knowing html. Just point and click.

If office software is a must, Open Office has every thing you need. While working is nice to have something to listed to. Realplayer can handle radio stations form Shoutcast, or even let you check out there latest videos online.

Myah's messanger Kopete will let you stay connected to with anyone, no matter what service they might use. And for all those photo's Gimp is a complete solution. Myah comes Jam packed with many other programs, all in a simple and easy to use menu. Just click the penguin and begin.

What's New in This Release:

This is a complete Linux solution built around the Light X11 Desktop Environment. The LXDE desktop is designed to be the smallest, fastest and yet fully functional desktop for *Nix systems.

It's important to note that Box is not meant to be a light system. Instead it's meant to be a fully functional system built around a light desktop. There are many extremely light Linux systems out there already like DSL and Slax. Myah OS 3.0 Box is for people who want a full blown system built around a light desktop.

Box comes with much of the same software that was found in Mouse Pro. It has all the same multimedia support. You will be able to create 3D modules with blender, create graphics with inkscape or what ever else that may interest you.

Thanks to all those who tried Mouse Pro and made use of the forum. There were issues found in the auto detection of the sound and video. Both have been resolved. There was also a lot of request for better wifi support and Box has that as well. So thanks to all those who took the time to use the forum. It has been used to make Myah OS even better.
Last updated on June 14th, 2008
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