Musix GNU+Linux 3.0.1

A free and Open Source operating system intended for musicians and users in general

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What's new in Musix GNU+Linux 3.0.1:

  • For this version of the installable Live DVD/USB Stable we added some video editors like kdenlive 0.9.6, avidemux and cinelerra, added french and serbian language support, openoffice, solved some minor KDE desktop bugsā€¦ Musix 3.0 boots by default in LXDE, but you can choose the tailored KDE and IceWM desktops or the original fluxbox and openbox; os-probe was installed to detect other systems during HD installation. The Kernel 3.4.14-gnu-RT23 is 100% free as well as all software in Musix and operates in real time for audio and music production.
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Musix GNU+LinuxMusix GNU+LinuxMusix GNU+Linux
Musix GNU+Linux is an open source Linux-based operating system intended to be used by musicians, graphic designers and video editors, thanks to its huge collection of free and open source audio/video manipulation programs and utilities.

It is based on the highly acclaimed and award winning Debian GNU/Linux operating system and built around the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE). It includes the GNOME and desktop environments, as well as the Openbox and Fluxbox window managers.

Features at a glance

With this distribution you will be able to master CDs, publish musical scores, print musical scores, create MIDI instruments, record and reproduce audio and MIDI tracks, edit and mix audio or MIDI tracks with multitrack sequencers and editors.

In addition, it allows you to perform noise-reduction to recover recordings, use effects in real time with any device (microphone, line, etc.), and connect a keyboard or another MIDI device and control the available software synthesizers.

Distributed as a dual-arch Live DVD

It is distributed as a single Live DVD ISO image, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms. It can be used directly from a live media (USB or DVD) or installed on a local disk drive.

Includes a wide variety of tools for audio processing

Audio production applications include Ardour DAW, Audacious audio player, Audacity audio editor, Bristol vintage synthesizer emulator, FluidSynth real-time MIDI software synthesizer, Guitarix guitar amplifier, as well as Hydrogen drum machine and step sequencer.

Among the included video production apps we have Avidemux video editor, Cinelerra video authoring tool, Kdenlive non-linear video editor, and FFmpeg video encoder. In addition, the Blender 3D graphics and animation software, GIMP image editor, and Inkscape vector-based drawing program are also included.

There are also two web browsers, Iceweasel and Chromium, two office suites, LibreOffice and, gFTP file transfer client, Leafpad text editor, PCManFM file manager, XChat IRC client, and many other applications.

Bottom line

All in all, Musix GNU+Linux is a great and lightweight distribution of Linux specifically designed to be used for audio production, video editing and graphic design tasks, running well on low-end machines and perfect for mid/high-end computers.

Musix GNU+Linux was reviewed by , last updated on November 29th, 2014

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