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MidiFlux is a Linux distribution that contains a large selection of applications in a relatively small ISO.




PCFluxboxOS is a beautiful little remaster series of PCLinuxOS with Fluxbox as the window manager.

PCFluxboxOS gives you all the power of PCLinuxOS through Synaptic and the Control Center, whilst delivering a lightning fast operating system, even on older hardware.

There is a remaster in the series for all users from TinyFlux with a carefully considered selection of applications so that memory usage is kept to a minimum right up the giant G-Flux and K-Flukx (formally FullFlux) for a full-on Linux experience. Each remaster has the same polished and modern 'look and feel'.

Fluxbox presents a unique desktop experience. Whilst it is often used in 'light-weight' distros because of it's low memory print, beneath the surface it is actually quite powerful. This Wiki provides some useful tips and links to get the most from your PCFluxboxOS experience.

MidiFlux has an application for most user needs and contains everything you would expect from a modern Linux desktop distribution. The applications have been carefully selected for size, low system requirements and compatibility with the GTK/Gnome environment. More applications, including KDE applications can be installed via Synaptic from the main PCLinuxOS 2007 repositories.

Internet and networking: Netscape Navigator 9 (web browser based on the Mozilla Gecko engine - very similar to Firefox); Dillo (a very light web browser); Sylpheed (email client); xChat (IRC client); Pidgin (instant messaging); TightVNC (remote desktop login); gFTP (FTP client with GUI); Pan (USENET newsreader); Transmission (lightweight bittorrent client).

Office: Abiword (word processor with numerous plugins for spelling, grammar and thesaurus, import plugin for many image and document types including Word and OpenOffice odt); Gnumeric (spreadsheet); Aiksaurus-gtk (Thesaurus); Evince (PDF and postscript document viewer); Sunbird (calendar/appointments)

Imaging: Gthumb (image viewer and organiser); GIMP (Photoshop-like digital imaging application with scanning and RAW support); XSane (scanning applications); mtPaint (simple image manipulation application)

Audio and Video: VLC (video/multimedia player including SVLC skinned version - install libdvdcss2 to play encrypted DVDs); VLC Mozilla plugin; Exaile (music library and media player); Audacious (XMMS-style audio player with support for last.fm and audioscrobbler); Grip (CD ripper and player), mixers/volume (Wmix, Aumix, Gnome ALSA mixer)

File tools: Gnomebaker (CD/DVD burning application); Grafburn (lite CD/DVD burning application); Searchmonkey (desktop file search); Grsync (file synchronization with GUI frontend); GParted (hard disk partition editor); Partimage (hard disk partition imaging).

Monitoring: Gkrellm (system monitor with plugins and themes); GPS (task manager); Netapplet (network monitor); xKill (kill run away applications fast!)

File Managers: Thunar (the XFCE graphical file manager); EmelFM2 (dual pane file manager); Midnight Commander (text base file manager that runs in a console).

Games/fun: Ltris (Tetris clone); XPat2 (solitaire card games compendium); on-screen fish tank; on-screen dali clock.

Setup/System: Synaptic package manager (front end to apt for RPM); PCLinuxOS Control Centre (PCC); GDM login manager; GTK theme changer; Xscreensaver; Gnome-ppp (dial-up Internet application); XFprint (printing panel); CUPS printer drivers (cups-common, cups-drivers, foomatic-db); Gnome-volume-manager (autorun properties for removable media/volumes).

Editors: Medit (tabbed editor); Leafpad (notepad clone); Scite (Scintilla based editor); nano/vim/xedit (console based editors).
Last updated on November 12th, 2007

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