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March Linux aims to be a Simple, Lean and Fast GNU/Linux distribution for the desktop.





March Linux aims to be a Simple, Lean and Fast GNU/Linux distribution for the desktop which urges the users to learn linux instead of holding their hands at every step!

At the same time, it is usable and fully functional with almost every software that one might need being available. This distro is heavily based on Arch Linux, which is IMHO the coolest distro on earth! In fact, I prefer to call March as a "distrolet" of Arch!

March Linux uses the linux Kernel on the Live CD. It is not the stock Kernel26 package from Arch Linux, but a custom-compiled one, patched with squashfs-lzma and aufs to work with the Linux -Live Scripts.

Package management is provided by pacman 3.0.4-4, the wondeful package manager for Arch linux.

March Linux offers gcc 4.1.2-3.

Default desktop is Fluxbox 1.0rc3-1

Desktop Features

This section is basically a 'walk-through' of the menu. Most apps are described over here.

· File Manager: Thunar (along with thunar-archive and thunar-volman plugins)
· Terminal: Xfce4 Terminal
· Web Browser: Firefox (preinstalled with a number of useful extensions and a few themes)

· Search Desktop: Searchmonkey
· Take Screenshot: Scrot is the backend, a google-code utility called gscreenshot provides the GUI fronrend

Here are some key features of "March Linux":

· Listen to music and watch movies in a variety of formats, record sounds
· View pictures and perform graphical editing
· Connect to and browse internet, check emails, download via torrents, perform ftp transfers
· Play a number of cool games, including a few DOS based ones
· View and edit document files, create spreadsheets, view pdf-s, perform calculations, take notes
· Do small programming in a number of languages with an IDE
· …… and many more!!
Last updated on August 14th, 2007
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