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A community edition on the Manjaro Linux distribution using the awesome window manager

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Manjaro awesome Respin is an open source Linux distribution based on the well known Manjaro operating system, which in turn is derived from Arch Linux. it is built around the minimalistic awesome dynamic tiling window manager and it’s a perfect candidate for low-end desktop PCs and laptops.

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit compatible PCs

The distro provides users with a modern computing environment that is distributed as Live CD ISO images, supporting both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, and designed to be used directly from the live medium or installed on a local disk drive.

Boot menu à la Manjaro Linux

Users can use the Live CD to boot the operating system that is already installed on their computer, test the system memory (RAM) or view if their computer is fully compatible with Manjaro Linux.

awesome is in charge of the graphical session

The live session is comprised of a system monitoring widget and a top panel, from where users can switch between four workspaces and manage opened windows. In addition, a main menu is also provided on the panel and via right-click context menu, from where users can access all the installed applications.

Default applications

Default applications include the dwb and Midori web browsers, SpaceFM file manager, Audacious music player, Leafpad text editor, Vim (Vi IMproved) text editor, Gcalculator calculator utility, ClipIt clipboard manager, dconf editor, Htop command-line system monitoring tool, URXVT terminal emulator, and Zathura document viewer.

Includes Manjaro’s unique features

The Avahi zero-configuration networking (zeroconf) software is also included, providing users with SSH (Secure Shell) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) servers. Even if it’s not part of the official Manjaro Linux community editions, this third-party flavor provides the same unique features and functionality as other community-operated or official Manjaro releases.

Geared towards tiling window manager fans

Manjaro awesome Respin is geared towards people who are new to tiling window managers, but it can also be used by experienced Linux users who want to have a modern, fully functional Arch Linux operating system powered by the awesomeness of the awesome environment.

Manjaro awesome Respin was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
Manjaro awesome Respin - The default desktop environment of the Manjaro awesome Respin Linux distribution

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