Manjaro Linux Xfce 0.8.12 / 0.9.0 Pre4

The main edition of the Manjaro Linux operating system, featuring the Xfce desktop environment

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What's new in Manjaro Linux Xfce 0.8.12:

  • This release is predominantly a maintenance release and includes very few changes to system defaults relative to the previous 0.8.11 ISOs, with some notable exceptions, such as out-of-the-box support for the exFAT file system and the change to pacman 4.2. Otherwise all the usual upstream updates are included, along with the latest from the Xfce 4.11 development series and the KDE 4.14 series.
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Roland Singer
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Manjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux XfceManjaro Linux Xfce
Manjaro Linux is an open source and completely free Linux operating system based on the powerful Arch Linux distribution. It uses a tool called BoxIt, which is designed to work like a Git repository. Besides the fact that the Manjaro distribution uses Arch Linux as its base, it aims to be user-friendly, especially because of the easy-to-configure installation. Additionally, it is fully compatible with the Arch User Repository (AUR) and uses the Pacman package manager.

Distributed in multiple editions

Manjaro is distributed with the Xfce, KDE and Openbox desktop environments, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. A Netboot edition of Manjaro also exists for advanced users who want to install the distro over the Internet. In addition to the official editions listed above, the talented Manjaro community provides many other flavors, with by the LXDE, Cinnamon, MATE, Enlightenment and awesome window managers.

A rolling-release distribution

Keep in mind that, just like Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux is a rolling release. This means that users don't need to download a new ISO image in order to upgrade the system to the latest stable version.

Boot options

The boot menu is exactly the same as on the other Manjaro flavors, allowing users to boot the live environment with or without proprietary drivers, check if the hardware components are correctly recognized, test the system memory (RAM), and boot the operating system that is currently installed. “Start Manjaro Linux” is the recommended option for all new users, as it will start the graphical environment powered by the lightweight Xfce window manager.

Default applications

Thunar is the default file manager, Mozilla Firefox can be used for all your web browsing needs, Mozilla Thunderbird is the default email client, and the Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger application is there for any type of communication. The Steam client for Linux is also installed by default in this edition of Manjaro Linux, along with the HexChat IRC client, Viewnior image viewer, the powerful GIMP image editor, VLC Media Player, Xnoise music organizer and player, and the entire LibreOffice office suite.

Xfce is in charge of the graphical session

Besides the common utilities such as calculator, terminal emulator, text editor, clipboard manager, dictionary, document viewer and archive manager, the Manjaro Xfce edition also includes the GParted utility for disk partitioning tasks, and the Xfburn application for burning CD/DVD discs. We strongly recommend the Xfce edition of Manjaro Linux for new Linux users, old computers, and for all who want to discover the true power of the Arch Linux operating system.

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