Manjaro i3 Community Edition

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A special community derived Manjaro Linux edition that features the i3 window manager

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As its name suggests, Manjaro i3 Community Edition is a special flavor of the popular Arch Linux based Manjaro operating system that gives creative programmers a tiling window manager that was written completely from scratch.

Available only for 64-bit hardware platforms

This Manjaro edition can be downloaded from Softpedia as a single Live DVD ISO image of approximately 1GB in size, which will run only on 64-bit instruction set architectures. Please note that you must burn the ISO image onto a DVD disc or write it on a USB flash drive of 2GB or higher capacity in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer.

Standard boot menu à la Manjaro Linux

Being based on Manjaro Linux, this community derived operating system uses the same consecrated boot menu that allows the user to start the live environment with free or proprietary drivers, perform a system memory diagnostic test, boot an existing operating system from the first disk, as well as to view detailed hardware information.

Astonishing window manager for advanced Linux users

As mentioned, this Manjaro flavor uses the i3 project as its default and only desktop environment, which in fact is a tiling window manager that can be used with either a mouse or keyboard and uses a single panel located on the bottom edge of the screen for quick access to virtual workspaces and system tray functions.

While there are two system monitoring widgets on the upper part of the screen, the bottom panel can also display network, disk, as well as date and time information. It includes various basic open source applications for everyday tasks.

Bottom line

Summing up, this special Manjaro edition is specifically designed for low-end computers and hardcore hackers/programmers who enjoy the simplicity of a tiling window manager, such as i3. Also, you can check out the awesome and Bspwm editions of Manjaro Linux.

Manjaro i3 Community Edition was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on October 3rd, 2015
Manjaro i3 Community Edition - The window manager of the Manjaro i3 Community Edition operating system

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