Mandriva Multi Network Firewall

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Mandriva Linux security solution dedicated to the business world




Multi Network Firewall is the up-to-date Mandriva Linux security solution dedicated to the business world. Maximum innovation, performance and scalability is only a click away thanks to an easy-to-use web interface.

Combining firewall, Intrusion Detection System and VPN functionality, MNF 2 is the ultimate full-featured security solution meeting all your demands. Furthermore, to make your network even more secure, benefit from a year of free updates through Mandriva Online Pro!

Here are some key features of "Mandriva Multi Network Firewall":

- a firewall, to protect your computer network from unauthorized access (filtering).
- Intrusion Detection System, to alert you to abnormal network activity.
- Virtual Private Network, to enable a secure private tunnel over public networks.
- Proxy server, to intercept all web traffic entering the network.
- DHCP server, to enable the automatic configuration of new machines connected to the LAN.
- Caching DNS, to provide a local DNS service for computers connected to the LAN.

New Featurs:

As well as the existing IPSec, MNF2 provides 2 other types of VPN:
PPTP: a desktop under Windows(R) can be automatically connected without installing any special software
OpenVPN: a lighter open source VPN; Compattible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows
Bonding: Channel combines several network interfaces into a single connection. Effectively, it means that data transfer speeds can be multiplied.
Bridging: this new function enables the administrator to build bridges between network interfaces.
Traffic shaping: You can regulate the flow of traffic on your network just by clicking on a wizard.
Network mapping: Makes it possible to connect networks which use the same private network addresses
Peer-to-Peer Filtering: MNF2 automatically blocks network traffic from "Fast Track" peer-to-peer clients.

Better software support

2.6 Linux Kernel

Better hardware support

Improved support for multiple network cards (up to 10)
Wi-Fi Support
Better ADSL support

Services included in the product

Mandriva Online Pro: benefit from updates for one year through Mandriva Online Pro
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Last updated on October 10th, 2005

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