Mandriva Linux One 2010.2

A complete and live Mandriva Linux system that runs directly from a bootable medium

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Mandriva Linux One - Mandriva 2009.1Mandriva Linux One - Mandriva 2009.1Mandriva Linux One - Mandriva 2009.1Mandriva Linux One - Mandriva 2009.1
Mandriva Linux One is an open source operating system based on the RPM Package Manager and derived from the main edition of the now deprecated Mandriva Linux distribution.

It’s distributed as 32-bit GNOME and KDE Live CDs

The Once edition of Mandriva is distributed as a GNOME and KDE Live CDs that include software packages optimized only for the 32-bit (i586) instruction set architecture. There are ten Live CDs in total available for download (see below for details).

Supports a wide range of languages

Each of the two editions mentioned above are available for various regions of the world. For example, there are three KDE Live CDs available for Europe, two for Asia and one for Europe and America. On the other hand, the GNOME Live CD edition is available for Africa, Asia, America and two European regions.

All the Live CDs include the same boot menu

The good thing about this distribution is that all the aforementioned Live CDs include the same boot menu, designed to allow you to start the live system or install a new one, as well as to boot an existing operating system from the local drive.

What’s in the GNOME Live CDs

The GNOME edition of Mandriva Linux One is built around the GNOME Classic desktop environment, which uses a two-panel layout, and includes powerful and useful applications, such as Mozilla Firefox, Ekiga, Empathy, Evolution,, GIMP, Inkscape, and many others.

What’s in the KDE4 Live CDs

On the other hand, the KDE edition of Mandriva Linux One is built around the KDE Plasma desktop environment and comes pre-loaded with various KDE-specific applications like Amarok, KMail, Akregator or Kopete.

It is no longer under active development

As its version suggests, the Mandriva Linux One distribution was last released on 2010 and it is no longer supported with security patches or software updates. For a more recent Mandriva-based distribution, we strongly suggest to follow the OpenMandriva project.

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