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A hardened Linux operating system designed for forensic investigations and vulnerability assessments

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Mandragora Linux is an open-source software project that provides users with a virtual appliance, a hardened desktop-oriented operating system based on Ubuntu and designed for use in vulnerability assessments and Digital Forensics-Incident Response (DFIR).

It is available for download as a virtual appliance in the OVA file format

The project is available for download as a virtual appliance in the OVA file format, which can be easily imported in a virtualization software, such as VirtualBox or VMware.

The OVA image has approximately 3GB in size. After the download finishes, you must import it in one of the aforementioned virtualization apps, simply by going to the File menu and choose the “Import Appliance” option. Follow the instruction on the screen to import Mandragora Linux as a virtual appliance.

Once imported, you will see a Mandragora Linux entry in the list of virtual machines, allowing you to start it and use it like you will use any other virtual operating system.

Includes a wide-range of open source tools for forensic investigations

As mentioned, the main emphasis of Mandragora Linux is on the vast selection of open-source applications for forensic investigations. Among these, we can mention OWASP ZAP, W3af, Nikto, Spikeproxy, Web-sorrow, Xplico, Wireshark, Tshark, Nmap, Zenmap, Scapy, Netexpect, Netcat, Cryptcat, Hping3, Sqlmap, LATK, Bless, Dcfldd, Foremost, Guymager, Scalpel, DFF and Tcpxtract.

Additionally, it also includes the Gddrescue, TestDisk, Rifiuti2, Pasco, Vinetto, Unhide, Snowdrop, Chntpw, John the Ripper, Ophcrack, Fcrackzip, PDFcrack, PDFchain, Dsniff, Hydra-gtk, Kismet, Pyrit, Sipcrack, Ettercap, Etherape, Bleachbit, Wipe, Scrub, Rkhunter, Lynis, Proxychains, Tsocks, Privoxy, I2P, Tor, Vidalia, Torsocks, Tor-Arm, Torchat and Arkose are also included.

One of the best virtual appliances for forensic investigations

Being based on Ubuntu and using one of the most complete collections of apps, we feel obliged to declare Mandragora Linux one of the best virtual appliances for forensic investiogations. Please note that the password for the Live environment is "mandragora" (without quotes).

Mandragora Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
Mandragora Linux - The desktop environment of the Mandragora Linux operating system

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