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Maemo Live CD is a Knoppix (in fact Kanotix) based Linux distribution.




Maemo Live CD is a Knoppix (in fact Kanotix) based Linux distribution that contains a pre-built Maemo Environment as well as scratchbox for developing applications.

Thus the Live CD can be used for demonstrating the Maemo GUI and for developing applications without having to install scratchbox.

Since the Live CD is still alpha quality you might run into one of the issues listed at the bottom of the page.


You can use the Live CD just like any Knoppix CD to boot directly into an XFCE desktop with a running Xvnc and a scratchbox terminal. In this terminal you can start the Maemo GUI and applications.

Since version 0.5a it is also possible to work over a TCP/IP network, either between physically connected machines or between a host machine running VMware or Virtual PC. For this purpose, the scratchbox directory is available as samba share, SSH login is allowed and the Maemo GUI is exported via Xvnc.

1 . Boot the Maemo Live-CD. If you do not need the GUI, edit the "kernel" line in grub and add "3" to boot to runlevel 3.
1 . Use your favourite SSH-Client to log in to the Maemo box. Login is "knoppix", password is "maemo".
1 . Set some environment variables: export DISPLAY=localhost:3.0 export LANGUAGE=en_GB
1 . Start the Maemo GUI /scratchbox/login start
1 . Use your favourite VNC-Viewer to connect to Xvnc, do not forget to connect to "ip-address:3", since Xvnc is running on display 3.
1 . A Samba server provides access to /home, /tmp and /scratchbox.
Last updated on June 14th, 2007

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