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A free Linux distribution based on Kubuntu and oriented towards home media centers

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LinuxMCE is an Ubuntu derived operating system that helps you to deploy a dedicated media center on your home network in a shortest time as possible. It is actually based off of Kubuntu.

Available for download as a dual-arch Live DVD

The project is available for download via Softpedia or directly from its official homepage, as a dual-arch Live DVD distributed in the popular ISO file format. The Live image has approximately 4GB in size and must be written to either a USB thumb drive or a DVD disc.

You can try the OS or install it

When booting this Live DVD from the BIOS of a computer, you’ll encounter a boot screen, also known as a bootloader, which includes various boot options, such as the ability to start the live environment with default boot options or in safe graphics mode, perform a memory test, as well as to boot the local drive.

In addition, it include two special options that allows you to install the operating system on computer, Core (Headless Core) and Hybrid (Core + MD). However, we strongly recommend you to try the distro before installing it, in order to see if it automatically detects the hardware components of your computer.

The system must be configured prior to use

LinuxMCE prompt users with a welcome wizard from the get-go, guiding them through the entire setup process, which includes no less than nine steps. Once you successfully configured the system, you should see how the packages are installed in real-time. It also features a complete KDE desktop environment.

Bottom line

In conclusion, LinuxMCE is a cumbersome media center-oriented distribution of Linux. Being based on Ubuntu, we strongly recommend you to try the Mythbuntu operating system instead, as it features a graphical desktop environment, it’s easy to install and includes far more configuration options than this project.

LinuxMCE was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
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