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Linux Mobile System (LMS) is a full Linux system whose support is the new USB Flash Memory Drives.




Linux Mobile System project (LMS) is a full Linux system whose support is the new USB Flash Memory Drives. The intention is to boot any PC with USB support with our system and therefore we will have every administration and analysis applications that we have selected, so we will not need install it. This way, always we will be able to get our Linux system ready to use in our pocket.

This project arose with the intention to study the Linux system of exhaustive way and simultaneously enjoy with it. The initial idea is to fuse two separated disciplines: the programming and the systems management. So we'll center our study in the denominated "system programming'', as much networking level as at device level (drivers).

Here are some key features of "Linux Mobile System":

· To initiate our Linux system from memories flash USB.
· The system will be a selection of common GNU tools in every system: disk diagnosis, memory, hardware, networks monitoring tools, etc.
· LMS Tux
· As far as possible we'll develop new tools and/or utilities with the objective to study deeply the underlying technology.
· The programming languages used will be C, C++, Python and Perl, without forget the system shell scripts.
· The resources minimization (disk space, memory...) isn't a functional objective of the developments.

LMS's main aim is to achieve a highly specialized distribution of GNU/Linux which can carried through the USB Flash Memory Drives. Once the distribution is ready in the USB device, it can be carried in your own pocket and you can start up any PC x86 with no need to install it directly in the PC.

The LMS system is aimed at the development of specific tasks such as network administration, security analysis of networks, and recovery and repair of host data, as well as all information exchange, which is what makes it different from other portable systems such as "live CD's". The main idea is to carry all the potency of Linux and our tools in our own pockets, ready to be used.
Last updated on June 13th, 2007

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