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Linspire Linux delivers the most full-featured desktop computer experience ever available on Linux!





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Linspire Linux delivers the most full-featured desktop computer experience ever available on Linux! Over a year in the making, the new Linspire Five-0 delivers the most full-featured desktop computer experience ever available on Linux! Check out the new features below, and then take Linspire Five-0 for a spin!

Here are some key features of "Linspire":

· Over 1,200 misc. improvements!
· Completely new, exclusive Linspire look and feel
· Drop shadows and consistent theme throughout
· Advanced, next generation CNR (Click and Run)
· Hundreds of new software titles in the CNR Warehouse (Myth TV, Kopete, and more...)
· Faster boot-up time
· Faster install and "First-Time Wizard"
· New All-In-One CD for running "live" from CD or installing
· New update option for exisitng Linspire users
· Enhanced "How-To" Tutorials with voice narration
· 300+ page "No Nonsense" user manual (optional)
· New 2.6.10 Kernel
· New KDE 3.3
· New Reiser 4 "unbreakable" File System
· New 6.8.2 for improved video support
· Improved sound support with real-time mixing
· New "Supermount" for easier removable media use (CD, Floppy)
· Easy-to-use Diagnostic Reporting directly from desktop to Linspire's engineers
· New 802.11g support
· New easy-to-use wireless control panel
· New WiFi Profiles for ease of moving to different locations (home, office, etc.)
· New WiFi Access Point Locater
· New built in Bittorrent support
· New "Hot Words" embedded searching
· New in-line spell checking throughout (email, browser, IM, etc.)
· New AOL Dialer
· Enhanced Firewall for added security
· New Lsongs Music Manager
· New Lphoto Photo Manager
· New RealPlayer 10
· New PhoneGaim Instant Messenger with free long-distance phone calls
· Expanded support for file and media types (Windows Media, Quick Time, Flash, Java, Real, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .mp3, .PDF, etc.)
· New built-in VPN
· Improved Networking, File Sharing and Printing
· New Nvu Web Authoring
· New Lassist Suite (Reminders, MailMinder, Calendar, Address Book)
· New OpenOffice 1.1.3

Improved Internet Suite

The Linspire Internet Suite now contains one of the most advanced and secure, yet easy-to-use suites of Internet software available for desktop and laptop computers. Advanced Internet features deliver a superior online experience:
- tabbed web browsing
- Hot Words for instant searching
- Intuitive calendar
- In-line spell-checking for email
- Pop-up ad blocking
and more!


Lsongs is an all-in-one music manager built into Linspire and is ready to help you rip your favorite music, organize it, play it, sync it to portable music players, and burn it to your own music mix CDs. It has everything you need to easily manage and enjoy your music collection.

You can now use Lsongs to purchase music directly from MP3tunes for just 88 cents a song or $8.88 for a full album. The songs are free of any digital rights management (DRM)! This means you can burn your music to CD, add it to your portable MP3 player, use it on your other computers, and more.


Lphoto is a photo managment program that allows you to download, organize, edit, save, and share your entire photo collection. It supports connecting to hundreds of digital cameras. You can easily connect your digital camera to your computer and import all of your pictures with a single mouse-click.

Lphoto allows you to create animated slide shows, burn album to a CD as well as burn your album to video CD (VCD).


Make calls to anyone in the world using built-in Internet phone calling thanks to the new PhoneGaim! PhoneGaim Instant Messenger also lets you communicate simultaneously to multiple IM accounts for AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Yahoo!, Messenger, ICQ, and more! Other key features include in-line spell-checker, free voicemail to email, free PhoneGaim to PhoneGaim calls and more!

Complete Office Suite

Built-into Linspire is a full-featured office software suite called It features word processings, speadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs. All are file-compatible with their Microsoft Office counterparts so you can easily read and share documents with your friends who are still on MS Windows.


Nvu is the complete WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") solution for authoring web sites. Nvu makes creating, managing, and updating web sites a snap. Now, anyone can create web pages and manage their web site with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML. Nvu is the easiest, most powerful web authoring system available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Improved laptop features

Linspire Five-0 is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to run Linux on their laptop or notebook computer. We have customized this newest version of the Linspire operating system to work well with hardware found in a wide array of laptop computers. Linspire's new easy-to-use wireless control panel lets you set up your wireless connection with ease.

The improved power management greatly extends the life of your battery. Linspire Five-0 also comes with new WiFi profiles that let you switch between wireless connections seamlessly as well as with a new PowerNow support and HyperThreading and new Intel Centrino support.

Multimedia Tutorials

Linspire Five-0 has an enhanced and expanded Tutorial Player that features a series of tutorials designed to help even the most novice user perform a wide range of computing tasks. The "How-To" tutorials cover everything from simple desktop navigation, to setting up a wireless Internet connection.

What's New in This Release:

· Linspire, Inc., developer of the Linspire commercial and Freespire community desktop Linux operating systems and, a free Linux software delivery service, today announced the immediate availability of Linspire 6.0, the latest commercial release of the desktop Linux operating system. Building on the best of open source software using Ubuntu as its base line, Linspire 6.0 adds licensed proprietary drivers, codecs, and software in its core distribution to provide a better user experience. The first commercial release from Linspire, Inc. in over two years, Linspire 6.0 continues its traditional focus on ease-of-use and bundles proprietary software where there are no viable open source alternatives, providing improved hardware, file type, and multimedia support, such as MP3, Real, Java, Flash, ATI, NVIDIA, WiFi, and many more.
Last updated on October 10th, 2007
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