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A closed source Fedora-based Linux operating system developed by Linpus Technologies

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As its name suggest, Linpus Linux Lite is a lite edition of the commercial Linpus Linux distribution based on the Fedora operating system and built around the GNOME desktop environment.

Distributed as a 64-bit Live DVD

The distribution can be downloaded as a single Live DVD ISO image and deployed on a USB thumb drive or a blank DVD disc with a specific software, such as Brasero or UNetbootin. It supports only the 64-bit architecture.

Minimal boot menu

Only two options are provided on the boot medium, to start the live environment or to install the entire operating system directly without testing it (not recommended for novice users). Linpus Linux is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) distribution that is usually found on notebook, hybrid and ultrabook computers sold around the world each year. And the first thing people who bought such a laptop was to install a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Default applications

Default applications include the Chromium web browser, Evolution email and calendar client, LibreOffice office suite, Empathy instant messenger, Totem video player, Cheese webcam software, Brasero CD/DVD burning tool, and Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Various web games and development tools, a Dropbox client, a launch manager, a network manager, a virtual keyboard, Adobe Reader, Chromium Store, and Linpus App Center are also included.

Features the GNOME desktop environment

Probably the greatest asset that Linpus Linux has, is the GNOME default desktop environment. It has been modified in such a way that it can be easily confused by novice users with the Windows Vista operating system.

Another great aspect of using Linpus Linux is the distro’s capability to support web applications. It provides users with an App Center that includes over 2000 web apps that are seamlessly integrated with the built-in HTML5 app launcher.

Bottom line

Summing up, Linpus is a cool Linux distribution for Windows users who want to migrate to the open source ecosystem. Unfortunately, you will need to own a high-end computer to enjoy its full potential.

Linpus Linux Lite was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on October 18th, 2014
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