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A modified version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution designed for Acer Aspire One

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Kuki (pronounced kook-ee) Linux is an open source and freely distributed operating system based on the Linux kernel and the world’s most popular distribution of Linux, Ubuntu. It has been optimized to run on netbook computers or machines with small screens and built around the lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

It’s distributed as a dual-arch Live CD

The Kuki Linux distro is available for download as a dual-arch Live CD ISO image that has only 350 MB in size and can be deployed to either a CD disc or a USB thumb drive in order to boot it from the BIOS of a computer. The ISO image is based on an Ubuntu minimal install.

Offers standard boot options

The Live CD boot menu offers standard boot options, such as the ability to try the operating system before installing it, perform a system memory diagnostic test, boot an existing OS from the local drive. For netbook computers, it is recommended to boot the distribution from a USB stick.

Runs in live mode, but it can be installed

You can use the distribution straight from the bootable medium (CD or USB), but if you want to install it, you will need to login into the Live CD using the “kuki” username and the “kuki” password (without quotes), then run the “sudo ubiquity” command in a terminal emulator.

Simple, clean and attractive graphical interface

As mentioned, Xfce is the default and only desktop environment of Kuki Linux. It provides users with a simple, clean and attractive graphical interface that comprises of a single panel located on the upper part of the screen.

Contains a minimal set of applications

Being designed from the ground up to be as minimal as possible, the distribution contains a minimal set of applications. The user will be able to write office documents, browse the Internet, chat with friends and family, view and edit images, as well as to watch movies and listen to his or her favorite artists.

Kuki Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
Kuki Linux - The desktop environment and main menu of the Kuki Linux distribution

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