Kuine Linux Base 2.0

The free, single purpose distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux operating system

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Kuine Linux
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1 Kuine Linux Base Screenshot:
Kuine Linux Base - The text-mode menu of the Kuine Linux Base operating system
Kuine Linux Base is a Debian-based operating system, a special edition of the Kuine Linux distribution that includes a basic collection of software packages.

It’s available for download as 32-bit/64-bit Live CDs

The distro can be freely downloaded from its official website (see link above) as 32-bit and 64-bit Live CDs, which contain software packages optimized for the i386 and amd64 architectures respectively.

Here’s how to use the ISO images

First of all, you must download only the ISO image that corresponds with your computer’s architecture. Second of all, you must deploy the ISO image to either a CD disc or a USB thumb drive of 512MB or higher capacity in order to boot it from the BIOS of a PC.

A minimal boot menu is implemented

The Base edition of Kuine Linux contains a minimal boot menu that looks the same on both ISO images. It allows the user to start the live system with normal settings or in safe graphics mode, perform a system memory diagnostic test, as well as to boot from the local drive.

The Base edition features no graphical interface

There’s no graphical desktop environment implemented in the Base edition of Kuine Linux. As such, users will be prompted by a text-mode menu that allows them to configure email alerts, server hostname, network interfaces and admin password.

Additionally, you can install the operating system, change the default language of the system, view the status of the server, check running services, enable remote desktop functionality, as well as to change virtual and cloud settings.

The web-based interface can be access from any computer

The IP address and port of the web-based interface are displayed on the text-mode menu. It can be easily access from any computer on the same network, using the admin/admin username and password combination.

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