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An open source Ubuntu-derived distribution of Linux with the K Desktop Environment

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Welcome to the Karmic Koala edition of Kubuntu, an Ubuntu flavor that replaces the GNOME desktop environment and specific applications with the modern, beautiful and productive KDE 4 graphical desktop interface.

Distributed as Desktop and Alternate CDs for 64-bit and 32-bit architectures

Kubuntu 9.10 is an open source project that was officiall announced by Canonical on October 29, 2009 along with other Ubuntu flavors, and supported with security enhancements and software updates until April 30, 2011. It can be downloaded as Desktop CDs or Alternate CDs for the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

The Desktop CD is the most popular one, as it allows the user to try the operating system without installing it. While both Alternate and Desktop CDs are designed to support memory diagnostic tests and the ability to boot an existing distribution from the first disk drive, the difference between them is the installer, text-mode on the Alternate CD and graphical on the Desktop CD.

New apps, revamped KDE desktop environment

Once again, the Kubuntu team decided to change the look and feel of the KDE 4 desktop environment, which now uses a micro-blogging widget on the desktop and a grey taskbar and main menu. Among the included apps, we can mention Amarok audio player, Konqueror web browser, Dolphin file manager, Kopete instant messenger, and OpenOffice.org office suite.

There are also some new apps added, such as DNGConverter DNG image file converter utility, as well as an installer for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. KPackageKit package manager, USB Startup Disk Creator and Akonadi Console are also part of this release.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) provided users with a stable, reliable, beautiful, productive and modern operating system, designed for small offices and home users. It is no longer supported and has been archived for historical purposes only.

Kubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
Kubuntu - The desktop environment of the Kubuntu 9.10 Linux operating system

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