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A Linux distribution based on Red Hat's Fedora Linux operating system and using the GNOME desktop

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The main goal of the Korora Linux distribution, previously known as Kororaa, is to provide users with a complete, easy-to-use and productive operating system suitable for general computing. This edition is based on the latest upstream Fedora release and uses the GNOME desktop environment.

Available for download as Live DVDs for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

The GNOME edition of Korora Linux can be downloaded as Live DVD ISO images for the 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) instruction set architectures. The user must burn these ISO images onto DVD discs or write them on USB thumb drives in order to boot them from the BIOS of the PC.

Minimal boot menu à la Fedora Linux

The operating system provides users with a minimal boot menu à la Fedora Linux, allowing you to start the live environment for your respective architecture. More boot options can be found under the “Troubleshooting” entry, such as the ability to start the live environment in safe graphics mode, run a memory test, boot from the local drive or test the media and start the live session.

Modern and productive desktop environment powered by GNOME

As mentioned, the distribution’s main desktop environment is GNOME, which offers a modern and productive graphical interface to all of its users. In addition, the an innovative and intuitive welcome screen will prompt users from the get-go, helping them to familiarize with the OS.

Includes some of the most popular open source apps

Default applications include the VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Evolution email and calendar client, LibreOffice office suite, Deluge torrent downloader, Darktable RAW image editor, Ekiga softphone, Audacity audio editor, GIMP image editor, HandBrake video converter, Inkscape vector graphics editor, OpenShot video editor, and Yum Extender package manager.

Bottom line

Korora is well known among the members of the Linux community as a bootable Fedora Live DVD remix that aims to provide them with a complete and out-of-the-box desktop experience, including support for multimedia content. Do not hesitate to check out some of the other Korora editions that use the KDE, Cinnamon or MATE desktop environments.

Korora GNOME was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 2nd, 2015
Korora GNOME - The desktop environment of the Korora GNOME 20 Linux operating system

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