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A Slackware-based, desktop-oriented Linux distribution powered only by GNU software

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Kongoni GNU/Linux is an open source, community-derived operating system based on the highly acclaimed Slackware Linux distribution and powered only by free software approved by Free Software Foundation (FSF).

It contains software packages optimized for the i486 arch

The Kongoni Linux operating system is distributed as a single Live CD ISO image that contains software packages optimized for the 32-bit (i486) instruction set architecture. It has approximately 700MB in size and it will fit perfectly on a CD disc or a USB thumb drive of 1GB or higher capacity.

The live system runs in normal, compatibility or console modes

While the Live CD has been instructed to automatically start the live system in 10 seconds from the moment the user boots the ISO image from the BIOS of a PC, you can access the boot menu by pressing any key during the aforementioned timeout.

Among the default boot options, we can mention the ability to start the live system with default drivers, in compatibility mode or in console mode. In addition, you will be able to perform a system memory diagnostic test, as well as to boot an existing operating system from the local drive.

KDE Plasma is in charge of the graphical desktop interface

To our surprise, the default and only graphical desktop environment of Kongoni GNU/Linux is KDE Plasma, which looks amazingly attractive, comprised of a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen, allowing the user to quickly navigate the main menu, between multiple virtual workspaces and running programs. Pre-installed applications can be easily launched from the main menu.

Contains mostly KDE-specific applications

Being built around KDE Plasma, the Kongoni operating system contains mostly KDE-specific applications, among which we can mention the Amarok music player and organizer, Choqok social networking client, K3b CD/DVD burning software, IceCat web browser, Kopete multi-protocol instant messenger and KTorrent BitTorrent client.

Kongoni GNU/Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Kongoni GNU/Linux - The graphical desktop environment of the Kongoni Linux distributionKongoni GNU/Linux - The main menu of the Kongoni Linux operating system

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