Kazit 3 5.0.1 RC1

Kazit is an Israeli Knoppix remaster.
Kazit is an Israeli Knoppix remaster.

What's New in This Release:

· Non free packages removed
· OpenOffice2, Firefox, KDE localization files
· Hebrew SpellCheckers
· Hebrew fonts - culmus, culmus-fancy
· IWIZ (interner+db), hocr, gaim-bidi, mlterm, beep-media-player, kkbswitch and more...

· System Definitions:
· Locale he_IL.UTF-8 (or en_US.UTF-8 optional)
· Hebrew keyboard layout in xorg.conf
· Correct encodings for FAT/NTFS partitions for Hebrew support
· Translation for automatic fstab icons on desktop

User definitions

· KKBSwitch - correct definitions
· Firefox - suitable fonts and addons
· BiDi Mail UI for Thunderbird
· Bidi plugin for gaim
· Konsole fonts
· Enhanced QT support of RTL languages
· Various decoration changes.
· added white frame for bootspalsh screen
· fixed pixelised fonts in the system
· removed mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il transitional package
· fixed konqueror resize issue
· knoppix icon changed to kazit icon

Firefox changes:

· minimal font 12
· serif font Elnina CLM
· sans font Nachlieli CLM
· tab is closed on middle button click
· BiDi support turned on by default in Konsole
· boot delay changed to 5 sec instead of 30 sec
· several icons were removed from the task bar for better 800x600 support
· kkbswitch now shows flag after installation
· kdepersonaliser do not run for new users and changes hebrew definitions (on install)
· wallpaper file was added to the system
· some enhancements in the K menu
· missed on free packages removed:
· the dark font issue on boot screen fixed

documentation added:
· general introduction
· advanced usage
· installation instructions and warning

last updated on:
April 13th, 2008, 13:07 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Shlomi Loubaton and Artyom Tonkikh
ROOT \ Linux Distributions
Kazit 3
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