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A hardcode, bleeding edge Linux operating system that must be manually installed

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KaarPux is an open source DIY (Do It Yourself) distribution of Linux built from scratch, where everything must be compiled from source. It is designed specifically for advanced Linux users who like to be in control of the build process of the distribution.

It’s distributed as a source archive

It is a Linux kernel-based operating system that is not based on any existing distribution of Linux, though it is somewhat inspired by other source-based GNU/Linux OSes, such as Gentoo. It’s distributed as a source archive, which contains the necessary tools to built the system from scratch.

A complete Linux system

KaarPux is a complete Linux system powered by a Linux kernel from the 3.x series. It comes with a wide range of libraries and command-line tools, including some from the GNU Project. The system can be built using the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) and clang/LLVM compilers.

A complete Linux desktop

It is also a complete Linux desktop, as it features the X.Org X Window System and the controversial GNOME 3 desktop environment. Default applications include the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Mozilla Firefox web browser and the entire LibreOffice office suite.

Features top-notch utilities

Some of the best utilities have been included in this DIY distribution of Linux, such as Python, Perl, Ruby, OCaml, Haskell, COQ, as well as Java Runtime Environment based on the OpenJDK project.

Building KaarPux

Building KaarPux might be a challenge for many of you. The operating system can only be built on top of an existing Linux distribution and installed on a disk partition on the respective system, and then boot it using the existing bootloader.

First of all, you must install all the required packages, then you will have to partition the disk, download the source archive, extract it on your Home folder, mount the disk, configure KaarPux, create scripts, download packages, add a dedicated build user, bootstrap, install the bootloader and setup passwords.

KaarPux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
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