KXStudio 14.04.1b

A GNU/Linux computer operating system based on Ubuntu and geared towards audio/video production

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What's new in KXStudio 12.04.1:

  • Apps:
  • Add AriaMaestosa, Giada and Petri-Foo to the DVD and default install
  • Upgrade Cadence to the beta1 release (lots of fixes!)
  • Fully up-to-date apps and plugins (as of 30/12/2012)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Filipe Coelho
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KXStudio is a full features, complete and up-to-date operating system geared towards helping artists to become famous by allowing them to compose beautiful audio tracks or video clips using only open source software.

An universal operating system that supports mainstream platforms

While the distribution is available for download as a Live DVD ISO image of approximately 1.7GB in size each, it has been designed from the ground up to support both only the 64-bit hardware platform. It runs well on low-end and high-end computers.

You can only start the live system or boot an existing OS

Being designed with usability in mind, the OS allows users to start the live system directly (you will be prompted by another screen to choose between live or install modes) or boot an existing operating system that is installed on the first disk drive detected by the BIOS.

Uses a full featured KDE Plasma desktop environment

It uses KDE Plasma as its default graphical desktop environment, on top of the latest upstream Ubuntu base. The KDE interface is very beautiful, comprised of a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen.

Includes a wide range of open source applications for multimedia production

KXStudio is known for the vast selection of open source applications, which have been designed to help users produce better audio and video content. These include Ardour, Audacity, Blender, digiKam, GIMP, Inkscape, Kdenlive, Mixxx, VLC Media Player, and many others.

Bottom line

In conclusion, KXStudio is a very nice and well designed operating system that will help you to create some of the best multimedia content with minimum effort and without paying for expensive products.

It is suitable for low-end, mid-range and high-end computers (see above for supported architectures). To install it, do not hesitate to use the live installer script provided on the desktop.

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