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KANOTIX is a Linux Live CD based on KNOPPIX technology using mostly pure Debian/sid.




This is a Linux Live CD based on KNOPPIX technology using mostly pure Debian/sid.

Most tools follow the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. If you are in doubt, look at the specific docs.

Here are some key features of "KANOTIX":

· Kernel with many patches
· ACPI and DMA enabled by default (can be disabled with acpi=off and nodma respectively)
· i586 optimization - not for use with older CPUs!
· 128 MB RAM required, 256 MB RAM recommended
· Unionfs support (with unionfs cheat)
· AVM Fritz!Card DSL support
· Eagle USB DSL support
· KDE 3.4.1
· Captive 1.1.5
· OpenOffice 1.9.104
· ALSA 1.0.8
· GRUB boot loader for CD start - ideal for rescue in command line mode
· Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool in the extra menu of the boot loader

Simply boot from CD and enjoy Linux. Some tools may request a root password. As none is set, you have to set one using "sudo passwd" or use "su" in konsole.

Whenever you execute something with root permissions, you should know what you are doing! For web surfing over LAN no root access is required. I am sure you can discover many things to do with it :)

Don't try to write to NTFS partitions using the standard NTFS driver included with the kernel, as its support for writing is very lacking - thus it could destroy the partition and the data in it.

There is a new Captive NTFS driver that does a better job at writing to NTFS, so use it instead. For FAT partitions you can enable write-access with the context menu (right mouse button).

You may not have the rights to modify Linux partitions, use the root mode in konsole if needed. Some links are not working in the menu - that is not my fault - the packages from Debian/sid are very new and may have some little bugs, but you can always use new releases.
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