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A Live CD Linux distribution that provides a simple and intuitive web browsing experience

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Looking for the Google Chrome OS operating system? Well, we’re sorry to inform you that this is not it, but JustBrowsing is indeed similar with Chrome OS in the way that it provides a web-only computing environment. JustBrowsing is a free, bootable and minimalistic Live CD Linux operating system based on the Arch Linux distribution and built around the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

It can be run on top of an existing installation

The good thing about this Linux distribution is that it can be run on top of an existing installation (Linux, Windows or Mac OS X) without modifying it. Instead, users will enjoy a simple computing experience powered only by a web browser. It takes about ten to twenty seconds for the JustBrowing Live CD to start, and depending on the choice made at boot, it will automatically open the respective web browser. However, the other web browser is always one click away.

Uses the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

JustBrowsing uses the latest versions of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers, which are bundled with numerous bookmarks for useful sites, as well as a nice selection of extensions. The DuckDuckGo search engine is the default one for both browsers, but you’ll be able to easily choose another one (Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Wikipedia, etc.). Built-in support for over 30 languages is another strong feature of the JustBrowsing Linux operating system.

Contains a wide range of Firefox add-ons

Among the included Firefox add-ons, we can mention AdBlock Plus Pop-up, Adblock Edge, Element Hiding Helper, Adobe Flash, PDF.js, Add to Search Bar, Click-to-Play Manager, Hide My Ass Proxy, Offline QR Generator, Screengrab, SearchPreview, Turn Off the Lights, WOT, Download Manager Tweak, Menu Editor, Menu Icons Plus, More in Content UI+, Skip Addon Compatibility Check, Tab Mix Plus, and Toolbar Buttons.

Google Chrome comes with lots of plugins

Chrome also includes several handy extensions, among which we can mention PDF Viewer, Pepper API Flash, Adblock, Flashfree, Hide My Ass Proxy, DuckDuckFallback, DuckDuckGo for Chrome, AddThis, Camera, Chrome to Mobile, Save to Google Drive, Screen Capture, SearchPreview, Smart QRcode, and Turn Off the Lights.

Bottom line

The JustBrowsing distribution also includes a few web apps that allow you to send emails, make basic calculations, or write text. A wage clock and a timer are also available on the taskbar. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this operating system for more than it’s designed for, but you should download and keep JustBrowsing on a USB flash drive, just in case you need a secure and safe browsing environment that doesn’t require any installation. It’s the perfect operating system for guests!

JustBrowsing LiveCD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 13th, 2014
JustBrowsing LiveCD - With the JustBrowsing LiveCD you will be able to boot directly into Mozilla Firefox...JustBrowsing LiveCD - ...or just choose the Google Chrome web browser from the boot prompt menuJustBrowsing LiveCD - The boot menu for the JustBrowsing LiveCD/LiveUSB Linux operating system

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