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Hurt Me Plenty is a pure Game-Puppy Linux distribution.





Hurt Me Plenty is a pure Game-Puppy Linux distribution.

Here are some key features of "Hurt Me Plenty":

· Doomsday + many addons and wads (extralevels, Doom1 shareware, freedom (doom2-clone) and more)
· Quake2 shareware + many addons, engines + wads
· Descent 2 shareware
· Tuxracer
· Dreamchess 2000
· Some Flashgames

So it is a pure Game-Puppy. No printing (cups removed), no office (abiword, gnumeric removed) But you can go online, netsurf and seamonkey are included. You also have wine, as it is needed for a helpfull tool to examine new Quake2 wads.

You will need a 700 or 800 MB CDR, I did not burn it myself, just ran it frugal.

· Start from CD or frugal installation.
· Boot it, set up keyboard and Xorg (Video).
· Then reboot.
· You will be offered to create a save-file, confirm, and choose "save to file".
128 MB should be ok for the moment, but Quake savefiles quickly eat space, so better use 256 MB.
· You also will be offered, to copy the SFS files from the Iso to your disk.
· Confirm that, or you cannot play.
· All game-files and 3D drivers are in a huge file mgamesa_083.sfs, it is 580 MB.
· After the reboot, you can play immedeatly.
· Just if you have an Nvidia-card, you should be offered an additional grafics-setup.

If you have no swap-partition, you certainly will need one, at least if you have less than 512 MB of ram or so.

A swap-partition can be created with "gparted".

HurtMePlenty saves to a file called msy_save.2fs. If you use Muppy-Linux already, you must pay attention, that your existing one is not used (so I added a way, that you will be asked, before an upgrade to 083 is performed). If you are uncertain, just ask, and I'll give you instructions.

Though this uses the "msy", this is not an official Minisys-Linux. This iso is just based on a developer-snapshot, after I had a lot of trouble with SDL/OpenGL, and so had to run many tests. The games are very critical to library conflicts, and helped me a lot, to find those. I recompiled several games and SDL myself, so the binaries are not identical to older dotpups posted before.


Please open Rox-Filer, and navigate to the folder, where you want to download (with 700 MB free space). Right-click in the window, and choose:
"Window - Terminal here"

Now rxvt opens, and you can type:

wget -c
Last updated on July 29th, 2008
Hurt Me Plenty - screenshot #1

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