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A source-based Linux operating system based off of the Gentoo Linux distribution

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Hadron GNU/Linux is an open source and free operating system derived from the well-known Gentoo Linux distribution and designed for power users who want to build their own Linux kernel-based OS. It follows the KISS principles.

It’s a sources-based distribution of Linux for 64-bit architectures

Being based on Gentoo, the Hadron project provides users with a sources-based distribution of Linux that must be manually configured and installed. It’s distributed as a tar archive that contains a root filesystem that has been optimized only for the 64-bit (x86_64) instruction set architecture.

Uses its own package management system

The best feature of the Hadron distribution is that it uses its own, in-house built package management system called lpms (L Package Management System) and designed from the ground up to be fast, user-friendly, ergonomic and functional.

You can install live and bleeding-edge packages

The lpms package manager is written entirely in the Python programming language and will build source code with the help of various Python scripts. It can also be used to install live and bleeding-edge packages.

It does not include a Linux graphics stack

When using Hadron, please keep in mind that it does not include any graphical environment, nor the X.Org display server. It’s a command-line only distribution of Linux for advanced users who want to experience a different kind of operating system.

Everything must be compiled from source codes

Following on the footsteps of Gentoo, Hadron GNU/Linux provides power users with a highly customizable operating system where everything must be compiled from source codes.

Create a faster, more optimized distribution of Linux

It can use the Git and Subversion version control systems as software repositories and will allow you to create a faster, more optimized distribution of Linux. Future versions will include support for installing binary packages.

Hadron GNU/Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 19th, 2014

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